Saturday, 1 August 2015

4 Best Core Exercises for Women

When doing any exercise,the core( i.e. the back, waist and abdomen)is probably the most significant area for women. Having a strong core means that you can put less pressure on the back and spinal column areas and it allows for a toned abdomen, back and pelvic area.

Lower back pain in women, can sometimes be the cause of a weakened core. Evidence has also shown that falls and slips can be attributed to women who do not have enough strength in their core area. There are 4 great core exercises for women that can help alleviate some of these problems and strengthen this area allowing them ease with child birthing and injust doing daily chores around the house. These exercises include: the Abdominal Crunch, the Ball Roll Out, the Side Plank and the Bicycle.

For the Abdominal Crunch, get on your back while placing your feet firmly against a wall, making sure that the knees are bent. Cross your arms over your chest, as you raise your head and shoulders from the floor. This works the core area and allows for those great abs that you so want during bikini season.

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