Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Ab Workouts for Women

Abs is used as a short term for abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles comprise three distinct muscle groups. The chief muscle set is located in the front of the torso region in the body. It’s divided into eight blocks and is known as rectus abdominis. Obliques, the next muscle group is on the lower side of the torso just above hips. Whereas, the third group locks into the rib cage and is called Seratus.

Together the above mentioned set of muscles is popularly called the six pack abs, acquiring which is almost like a ‘dream come true’ for most fashion aficionados. It’s a dream come true because it’s only upon rigorous exercising and following a very strict diet that these muscle groups in the body get defined. Strange as it may sound, the six pack abs is there in each one of us. The only reason why one cannot see it is because it’s hidden under a layer of fat.    

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