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Natural Cures for Insomnia, Causes and Remedies

Insomnia is a symptom which is related to psychiatric disorders. The main characteristic of insomnia is that despite the opportunity to sleep the people stay asleep. You can also say that a person finds difficulty in maintaining sleep or it may be non-restorative sleep which is marked distress for more than a month.

Insomnia is classified into three types depending upon different degrees of insomnia -

1. Transient insomnia- The cause of this type may be stress, severe depression and also the timing of sleep. It lasts from days to week.

2. Acute insomnia- In this type a person feels inability to consistently sleep. This symptom may extend from three weeks to six months.

3. Chronic insomnia- This type of insomnia lasts for years. It includes muscular fatigue, hallucinations, mental fatigue, sleepiness but they show increased alertness. Some people suffer from double vision and for someone see the things in slow motion.

Causes of insomnia are different from person to person. The main causes of insomnia are poor sleep hygiene due to noise, certain medications, physical exercises, some genetic condition, mental disorders, due to hormones, pain due to some injury, some neurological disorders and many others.

For each individual the symptoms of insomnia differ. People experience a variety of symptoms. The first thing is that due to bad night sleep people don't feel fresh. They face difficulty in sleeping and by turning for hours and tossing they spent their whole night. Sometimes the people suffer from frequently interrupted night sleep. Number of the hours of sleeping is gradually reduced. It is very common among the older people.

Some natural cures for insomnia are there which may provide relief to a great extent.

1. Avoid the intake of heavy meals in the evening.

2. Make a fixed time to go to bed at night and also to get up in the morning daily.

3. Plenty of exercise is very helpful in having a sound sleep.

4. There may be a consistent bedtime routine like having proper bath, practicing meditation or exercises for relaxation. All this activities must be fixed and you must follow it regularly.

5. To avoid the noise of the surrounding make use of the device called "white noise".

6. Make a habit to spend some time in outdoor as it will give you bright and natural light and it has good effect on our body.

7. Go for meditation and yoga as they are good for our health and helpful to reduce insomnia.

 By: Nick Mutt

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