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Blood Purification Diet

We all know, blood is a vital element of our body that does many functions such as providing oxygen and important nutrients to various body parts, and dispensing carbon dioxide and body waste away from the cells. The functioning of the body cells, the various organs, and the body as a whole depends on the blood.  It is very important to keep the blood free from impurities and toxins. There are 3 organs that perform the function of detoxifying or cleansing the blood: The Liver, Kidneys and Lymphatic Vessels. This system ensures that the blood is free of all toxins and unwanted agents and impurities are removed from the body. In a few cases, an inadequate intake of water and fluids over a long period can hamper this system. In that case, a blood purification diet can help to purify the system and maintain overall good health.

A blood purification diet is an eating plan which helps an individual to remove all the impurities and toxins present in the person's blood. Water and fluids, like juices and tea make the basis of most blood purification diets and so it is essential to include these in the blood purification diet. The other blood purifying foods could be vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices.
Below is the list of blood cleansing foods which should be consumed as part of the blood purifying diet:

Vegetables: Vegetables, mainly green leafy are a good source of important nutrients and have many health benefits including blood cleansing. Green vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, Bitter gourd and spinach have several antioxidant and anticancer elements which helps the liver to cleanse the blood and act as purifying agents in the blood. It is good to have a big glass of a natural blood purifier juice such as fresh carrot or cauliflower juice daily.

Fruits: Juicy fruits like oranges, kiwis, melons, raspberries, apples, grapefruits, pomegranates, pineapple and cranberries are all good blood purifying agents. Each one of these also contain numerous antioxidant and anticancer elements which can help the body to fight against free radicals. Moreover, these juicy fruits contain fibers and help the body to eliminate the toxic heavy metals. Add a glass of honey-watercress-orange juice to your breakfast to help cleanse your blood. Please note that if you're on some particular medications, avoid grapefruits.

Herbal tea: Tea when mixed with some herbs can become an outstanding blood purifying drink and removes toxin agents from the body. Some commonly used types of herbal tea are peppermint, lemon, ginger, and dandelion.

Wheat grass juice: It is one of the most effective blood cleansing juice and contains a wide variety of nutrients. It also contains good amounts of Vitamin A, B, C, E, and K, chlorophyll, natural enzymes, amino acids, calcium, iron, potassium, lecithin, phosphorus, protein, and magnesium. Due to its high nutritional value, it is very effective as a blood purifier. It also enhances the supply of oxygen to the circulatory system. Not only wheat grass juice, it is important to drink 8-10 glasses of water in the entire day as this helps in eliminating toxins and waste product from the body.

Herbs: Herbs are the best choice when it comes to the cleansing of blood.One of the major benefits of herbs is that they can be consumed in many different ways for blood purification. Herbs, such as dandelion, alfalfa, echinacea, red clover, etc. are considered to be an excellent blood cleanser, detoxifies the body, helps to maintain PH levels and relieves from various digestive problems like bloating and constipation.

Garlic:  It helps in regulating the free radicals in the body and decrease the risks of many health problems. It contains an important mineral called sulfur that helps to flush out harmful toxins from the body. In addition, it increases the production of enzymes in the liver and remove unhealthy fungus, bacteria and viruses from the intestine. It is recommended to eat raw garlic, which also helps in lowering the cholesterol and blood pressure.

Neem: A traditional source of natural blood cleanser, contains active antioxidants that flush out the harmful toxins, free radicals and bacteria from the spleen, liver, and blood. It also helps in curing infections in a natural way and is particularly good for skin care.

Avocado:They are rich in glutathione, which is considered as a powerful detox and anti-carcinogenic agent. They help the liver to remove harmful microbes, free radicals, and toxins from the blood effectively.
All the foods mentioned above compose of blood cleansing elements and don't have any side-effects because they all are natural and do not contain any harmful ingredients. However, in some cases it is recommended to consult the doctor before consuming these foods, especially herbs. In the cases, like of old aged people or those who are suffering from any pre-existing medical problem, medical consultation is suggested.By

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