Saturday, 6 August 2016

7 Tips While Waiting for a Cure for Eczema

If you are the parent of a child with eczema, you know how uncomfortable this condition can make your child. You have undoubtedly wondered during treatment if there is a cure for eczema. Unfortunatly, there isn't. However, there are treatment options available for your child.

1- When a flare up of eczema happens, the use of antihistamines can be very affective in reducing the itching that will accompany it. However, antihistamines can cause drowsiness, especially in children.

2- The most common form of prescription that acts as a stand in for the cure for eczema is corticosteroids. While these can be very effective for reducing the redness and itching that are associated with eczema, they are not recommended for young children.

3- One of the most newest advancements in the hunt for the cure for eczema are topical immunomodulators (TIMs). These new drugs reduce the redness and itching of eczema without the use of steroids. The abcesnce of steroids means that the TIMs are safe for use in children.

4- There are some treatments that can be used in conjuntion with the medicines as you wait for a cure for eczema. The most important thing you can do for an adult or a child that has the issue of eczema is to moisturize, this will be the most effective tool for fighting the symptoms as they occur.

5- When flare-ups happen, a good course of treatment is to take a bath in lukewarm water. This doesn't need to be too long, about five minutes or so, just long enough to get the skin hydrated. After getting out of the bath, it is important to pat, not rub the skin dry. Immediately apply a good quality moisturizing cream, the skin is very receptive to the cream while it is still damp.

6- To keep comfortable, dress in loose fitting clothing that is made of 100% cotton. Cotton reduces sweating, which can lead to eczema outbreaks. Cotton also breaths, keeping the skin drier. It is best to avoid wool or any other roughly textured material, as the material can cause eczema flare ups. In fact, if you are wearing wool, it is best to use a cotton diaper between you and your child when holding them.

7- Another very effective way to combat flare-ups while waiting for a cure for eczema is to use cold compresses. The compress can be as simple as a damp washcloth. Just placing on the affected skin will help to take away some of the itching and other

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