Sunday, 7 August 2016

Natural Ways To Improve Functioning Of Kidneys That Are Safe And Cost-Effective

Kidney stones affect at least one in ten people at some point of their life, and the first episode of such stones is more likely to hit a person in the age of 30. The risk of kidney stones increases in people suffering from high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Chemicals in urine join to form crystals which become large and stick into the passage of bladder. The stones can be urate, calcium, oxalates, phosphates, cystine or infections. People who drink too little water, suffer from obesity, eat too much sugar or salt are at a higher risk of developing kidney stones. Kidney stones may cause pain which does not go away. The person may have severe pain in lower back, vomiting, have smelly cloudy urine, and suffer from fever and blood in urine. Initially irritation or blockages is caused and later it causes inflammation and infections. The condition of kidney formation can be harmless if one adopts natural ways to improve functioning of kidneys.

Simple natural ways to improve functioning of kidneys are -

1. Taking a good amount of water instead of coffee or high fructose or sugar drinks. This will prevent concentration of urine as concentrated urine raises the risk of stone formation.

2. One should reduce salt intake and take foods which produce less acid.

3. Animal proteins are acidic and raise risk of stone formation.

4. Dairy products help to flush oxalate out.

5. Increased intake of vegetables and fruits helps.

Natural ways to improve functioning of kidneys involve including herbs in everyday diet. Dolichos biflorus is herb widely used for the treatment of kidney stones and urinary disorders. During a laboratory test on rat's ethylene glycol was induced to rats which increase phosphates, oxalates and other stone forming chemicals in urine and in kidneys. The chemicals also increased lipid peroxidation and decreased the activities of antioxidant enzymes in kidney. The study found that the use of seed extracts of the herb Dolichos helped in restoring the parameters of urine and reduced calcification in rats.

Saxifraga ligulata is another herb found in natural ways to improve functioning of kidneys which can break stones due to lithotriptic and diuretic properties. The herbal extract can inhibit stone formation and the presence of saponins and flavonoids like chemicals makes it diuretic. The herb is effective in stimulating pancreatic islets which helps in insulin production and makes it anti-diabetic. It can help in reducing blood pressure to prevent stone formation.

Kid Clear capsules contain these herbs and also Crataeva nurvala, Curcuma aromatic, Amomum subulatum, Coleus aromaticus and Solanum nigrum used in the preparation of natural ways to improve functioning of kidneys. Crataeva nurvala has anti-lithogenic activities and works as anti-crystallizing agent. Curcuma aromatic is high in antioxidants and antiseptic properties. Amomum subulatum is a food flavoring herb that reduces the sensation of nausea and dizziness. Coleus aromaticus is widely used in the elimination of calcium oxalate stones from urinary tract. Solanum nigrum extract provides cyto-protection against toxicity and has hydroxyl radical scavenging properties. These herbs can be taken for elimination of inflammation, pain, stones and infections to the By

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