Wednesday, 17 August 2016

9 Motivational Ways to Curb Your Craving for Alcohol

Are you worried about your alcohol consumption? Maybe you have started realising that you are drinking too much or more often and need to cut down on your alcohol intake. It is always a better choice to consult your doctor. S(he) will help you decide whether you should start cutting down on your alcohol consumption or not.

People who are addicted or have health problems should stop drinking completely. While, others can be benefited by just reducing the consumption. So, if you are thinking about restraining your drinking habits but don't know how to curb the craving for alcohol, then this post is a must read for you.

There are three steps to curb your drinking, and each of them is very necessary to accomplish the goal successfully. First thing is to set the goal which you seem to have set already. Next thing, is the planning about how you are going to achieve it and its implementation. The last and the most important step is to stay on the track. People often fail at the last step and due to this, all the efforts get ruined. Hence, it is very important to stick to the goal you have set if you want it to be accomplished. Below are some ways that will help you in staying motivated in the process of making efforts to reduce your alcohol intake.

Set an Explicit Goal

It's good if you have made the decision to cut down your drinking. But, you need to be more specific about your goal. Think about how much you want to cut down and how often. Also, set a time after which you will review your progress. Think about who else will get benefits from your goal as reducing your alcohol consumption can put a smile on the face of your loved ones as well.

Discover the Sources of Motivation

Gather the thoughts that keep on motivating you for quitting alcohol. You will discover the inspiration right behind the reasons for quitting. Just give a few minutes to ponder over those reasons and you will get a lot of motivation. For instance, you may want to quit drinking to lead a healthy and energised life. While some people may want to do it for the sake of family. Think of all the happiness you are going to achieve after succeeding in your objective.

Consider Minus Points As Well

Make a list of pros and cons of introducing this change in your lifestyle.
While enlisting the advantages of cutting down on your alcohol intake, do not forget to mention the disadvantages as well. After mentioning all the positive and negative effects, start comparing them. Now, try to compensate for the minus points by using your wisdom. For example, instead of missing gatherings or parties, try to eat something before you plunge into drinking at such occasions.

Know What Triggers You

Be aware of the things that trigger you to drink more. It may be a place, your friends, or a certain time. Identify what sets your mood and find means to beat the same. If you feel exhausted after returning from work and experience a craving for the alcohol, then try some alternative. Go for a walk, hang out with friends or do anything that pleases you.

Keep Yourself Away from the Distraction

For most of the people, it is hard to resist the temptation if the liquor is kept right in front of their eyes. Therefore, it is advisable not to keep the alcohol in your home or workplace. This will help a lot in achieving your goal by restraining the temptation for drinking.

Observe How You Feel

Keep a track of the efforts you are making and the results they are yielding. Keep on reviewing your progress after a certain period. Spend the money on fruits and other healthy items that you are saving by cutting down the drinking. As your health will start improving, you will begin to feel delighted automatically.

When you start feeling the changes occurring inside you, it will work as a motivation for you. You will be happy to see the fruitful results arising from your attempts.

Get Support of Your Loved Ones

Things get easier if you have someone by your side. A moral support from a loved one does a lot to motivate you. If you are experiencing a lot of craving for alcohol then you can seek help from your friends and family. They can help you curb the strong desires for drinking. You also take support from a doctor or psychologist.

Keep Yourself Occupied

Always try to keep yourself busy with one thing or the other. Remember, "An empty mind is devil's workshop." If you have nothing to do, then you will find it difficult to resist the urge of drinking. On the other hand, if you are busy with something, then you will hardly have the time even to think of it.

Celebrate Your Achievement

It is very important to appreciate your efforts in order to carry on with them. Praise yourself even if the progress is very small. Moving in the right direction is more important than moving further. Reward yourself for every bit of the progress you seem to be making. This can be anything like buying a new dress, writing an assignment help or booking a ticket to watch a movie.

The strategies given above can help in cutting down and quitting the alcohol consumption as well. Once you have achieved the desired goal, keep on examining yourself whether you are maintaining that level or not. In case the previous habits start rolling back to you, do not wait to consult your doctor.By

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