Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bad Breath Cure Options That Work

I am sure that you know at least one person who has the humiliating problem known as bad breath or halitosis. After you spoke to your friend and took a whiff of that bad odor, you probably prayed that that person would find a bad breath cure immediately.
You probably also wanted to know what the causes of bad breath were so that you could avoid putting yourself in the same situation. Well, the answer to this question is anaerobic sulfur producing bacteria. The literal meaning of the word anaerobic is without oxygen. This implies that areas without oxygen will foster the growth of bacteria. This is why these bacteria are located between the fibers that your tongue is made up of and not on the surface.

Everybody can expect to locate these kind of bacteria in their mouth. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of these bad breath-causing bacteria because they serve an important function in the human body. These bacteria facilitate the break down of the proteins found in your food which helps with the digestive process. The problems occur when the bacteria break down the proteins too rapidly which will cause the production of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). These compounds can leave a nasty taste in your mouth and give you smelly breath.

Post nasal drip has been the cause of smelly breath for many individuals. You can expect to locate plenty of mucus and phlegm on your tongue and throat if you have got a post nasal drip. This will cause odorous VSCs to be released because bacteria will break down the proteins located in the mucus and phlegm. The elimination of these bacteria is not possible so reducing the production of VSCs is the only bad breath cure.

To reduce the production of VSCs, you should avoid situations which may make your halitosis worse. Having a dry mouth can undoubtedly make your halitosis worse therefore you must avoid getting one. A dry mouth can inhibit the production of saliva. Saliva contains oxygen so a reduction in the saliva flow will foster the growth of anaerobic bacteria and increase the production of odorous sulfur.

A cure for bad breath in this situation would be to drink plenty of water. You must not participate in any activities that can give you a dry mouth. This includes consuming alcohol which can be found in beverages like wine or beer or using antihistamines. There are mouthwashes that contain alcohol so they should also be avoided.

You can clean up your breath by not eating foods that can cause halitosis. This includes foods that have a heap of proteins. This implies that you should cut fish, chicken, and beef completely out of all of your meals.

Bacteria love feeding on proteins therefore you should not eat food that are packed with them like cheese, milk, ice cream, and several other dairy products. People who are lactose intolerant should especially avoid dairy foods because they have problems digesting these products. This will allow bacteria to feast on the protein they contain even longer which will make your breath smell even worse.

As you read in this article, there are many causes for your bad breath. This article also gave many helpful bad breath cure recommendations. If you want to avoid having halitosis, then you should definitely avoid having a dry mouth. Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day will stop the occurrence of a dry mouth.

Using antihistamines or drinking alcohol can dry out your mouth. Thus, you must refrain from consuming beer, wine, and any mouthwashes that contain alcohol.

You can also help your breath by not consuming foods that contain a lot of protein. These foods include beef, fish, chicken, and dairy products like ice cream, cheese, and milk. With full knowledge of what causes bad breath and what things to avoid you ought to be able to make sure that you or anyone close to you will never have to search for a bad breath

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